If I Become My Mom’s Guardian and Let Her Remain in the house, Am I Responsible for Her Actions

I am thinking about guardianship for my 87-year-old mommy, who has dementia. She lives alone but has actually been recommended by her medical professional lot of times that she ought to not be alone. She declines any help from “home health nursing companies” and she will rule out vacating her home. If I become her guardian, will I be delegated anything that might happen to her if I enable her to continue living alone for a while longer?

Yes and no. You are accountable, but the concern is exactly what does that indicate? If you take affordable actions to attempt to find out exactly what is finest for your mom— talking with her, with her doctor, and with local older care specialists— and after that decide to let her remain at home, and something fails, you will not be at fault (unless, naturally, they are all consentaneous that your mom can not stay at home). Then, exactly what is the charge, if you are discovered not to have shown sensible care? It’s that you would be eliminated as guardian. You know your mom best, and we would advise that you use your finest judgment after seeking advice from suitable experts.